8 lucky addresses, 2000 UNFI to give away, 1 big January staking event!

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Key Points:

  • A maximum of 500,000 UNFI tokens can participate in this January staking event, so be sure to have that UNFI ready for the new year! Only the first 500,000 tokens are assured they will have a chance to qualify for this 2000 UNFI giveaway!
  • To celebrate the launch of UNFI staking on Ethereum there will be a Loyalty Bonus of 2000 UNFI tokens distributed to qualified stakers.
  • Important details apply. Before participating, please read the entire article below to learn how to become qualified.
  • UNFI staking on Ethereum is here to stay. January is just the beginning! …

Earn up to 40% APR — Rewards for stakers increase as more UNFI gets staked

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A maximum of 500,000 UNFI tokens can participate in this initial staking event, so be sure to have that UNFI ready for the new year!

Key Points:

**** STAKING IS OPEN *********

  • UNFI Staking on Ethereum — https://gov.unifiprotocol.com/my-dashboard
  • The 2000 UNFI loyalty staking bonus reward is underway! Please see this article for details on this giveaway.
  • UNFI staking on Ethereum begins on January 1, 2021.
  • During this event, the minimum APR on UNFI staking is over 10%. As the amount of UNFI staked increases, the APR on all staked UNFI increases with it.

GGM launch gets closer

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Key Points:

  • At the conclusion of the BSC staking event, BEP20 UNFI on BSC will need to be moved to Ethereum. Only ERC20 tokens will be able to take advantage of this event and join the Unifi GGM. (Details on how to move them below)
  • Special promotions will be available to those who stake
  • UNFI earned from staking will be claimable immediately
  • UNFI can be unstaked during the event
  • UNFI must be in a wallet where the token holder has the private key to ensure staking rewards are claimable. (Not an exchange based wallet.)
  • Some of the special promotions may have limited availability, so be sure to watch Unifi’s social media for details! …

The Unifi Protocol will enrich the ICON ecosystem and provide added utility to its native token

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uTrade, the trading platform built using Unifi Protocol smart contracts, is now live on ICON!

The Unifi Protocol is a recipient of a development grant from ICON Foundation in recognition of the value it will bring to the blockchain as the first DeFi platform on ICON. Having already successfully launched on 5 other blockchains including Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum, the Unifi roadmap includes launching on ICON next, with more blockchains in development.

Unifi will connect the existing DeFi token economies on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Ontology, Harmony and Tron to the growing token market on ICON. …

The GGM continues to develop as the first DCR is named

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  • Unifi Protocol would not exist without the contribution from Sesameseed community
  • Sesameseed will be the first DCR in the GGM
  • UNFI will become a part of the SEED redeem value
  • Traders who earn SEED will now also be earning UNFI as a part of SEED
  • UNFI’s market cap can grow without diluting existing holders
  • 50,000 SEED holders become invested in Unifi’s success

The Unifi Protocol was developed by Sesameseed and has since gained popularity as the underlying protocol for uTrade, the multi-chain trading platform with a sustainable and rewarding token economy. …

The last migration before the launch of GGM UNFI staking

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Important points:

  • Important terms and conditions apply, all migration participants should read this entire document before proceeding.
  • This is phase two of the first migration event
  • There are 40,000 UNFI available for this phase
  • The migration opens for UP deposits on Monday December 21, 2020
  • The migration will close no later than December 31, 2020. The exact end time or block will be announced approximately 24 hours before migration closes. **This migration will end December 28, 2020 at 09:00 UTC.**
  • UNFI will be claimable on Ethereum by January 1, 2021 to allow participation in staking promotions surrounding the GGM…

What is expected from a Community Council Representative

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Before diving in, it is important to remember that as with other phases of the UNFI GGM launch, the functions of a CCR are open for community feedback on Unifi’s Reddit. All UNFI holders should be providing their input into the GGM!

In the Unifi Proof of Stake document, UNFI holders were introduced to the Unifi Council of Representatives, composed of Community Council Representatives (CCRs) and Designated Council Representatives (DCRs).

Community Council Representatives (CCRs) are just that — representatives for the Unifi community. So what is expected from a CCR?

CCRs should be Advocates for the Unifi…

A process open for community feedback

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As Unifi continues to expand to more blockchains, governance of the Protocol will take on more of a central focus. UNFI is the token which powers the Global Governance Model (GGM), incorporating Proof of Stake elements to enable the election of the Unifi Council of Representatives. The GGM ensures a richly rewarding experience for the entire Unifi community across all blockchains and especially those who participate in Protocol governance.

Community feedback on the GGM launch framework is being accepted on Unifi’s Reddit.

A Brief Summary of the GGM

(For a detailed explanation of the Proof of Stake style Global Governance Model, please read this article.) …

An important milestone on the path towards cross-chain swaps

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Trading pairs on uTrade may need to go through a sequence of several trades in order to swap from one token to the other. (It’s why we called them uPairs — the number of trades is unlimited!)

This type of multi-sequence trading is a prerequisite for cross-chain swaps. In preparation for that approaching milestone, Unifi is excited to announce the upcoming listing of its first stablecoin uPair on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, with USDC/USDT. The trading fee will be collected in USDC. A portion will be converted into the base token for that blockchain and used to mint UP. …

Liquidity Providers benefit from Lower Network Costs

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Unifi is extremely excited to bring the cross-chain Unifi Protocol to Ethereum, starting November 30, 2020! Ethereum will put a spotlight on many of Unifi’s unique features other DeFi products can not match.


  • Unifi’s liquidity providers are not required to make as many transactions, meaning more of their reward can be kept by them.
  • Through the rise in UP’s redemption value, transaction fees are automatically distributed to UP holders. No network fee required!
  • UP does not have to be staked once earned. No network fee required!
  • Unifi promises to change the Ethereum DeFi governance landscape with its advanced tokenomics model, and Proof of Stake Governance. …


Unifi Protocol

Incentivizing community participation in DeFi economies across multiple blockchains | Earn $UP

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