Adding UNFI stake is temporarily disabled

On September 20, 2021 UNFI governance passed a referendum to increase the maximum capacity for UNFI staking. This referendum received a record-breaking number of UNFI token votes.

Such a high turnout made it clear this project is a priority to UNFI holders. Unifi Labs has moved up its schedule to start work on this item effective immediately. UNFI staking must be upgraded to accommodate the options that will be voted on by UNFI governance.

To prepare for this upgrade, some changes have already taken place. Additional information on future staking changes will be provided…

Unifi Labs exists in a world dominated by the never-ending, unanswerable, and awe-inspiring question “What if…?”

The blockchain services industry is in its infancy. Game-changing discoveries are everywhere, waiting to be uncovered by those willing to ask the right questions, in the right way. Charting a course through the vast and undiscovered corners of the blockchain universe requires extensive research, creativity, collaboration, and a willingness to experiment. Unifi Labs is the place where experimentation changes curiosity into knowledge, knowledge into wisdom, and wisdom then sparks inspiration!

Unifi Labs creates an environment of continued innovation and pioneers pathways to the undiscovered…

UNFI Super Pair to benefit from dual farming!

Unifi Protocol is proud to announce a partnership with the ACryptoS community!

To celebrate this partnership, ACS will be having a series of events, with a huge amount of rewards waiting to be earned for uTrade liquidity providers!

The Main Event — Additional Rewards to the UNFI-BNB Super Pair!


From 29 July 2021, a DUAL TOKEN REWARDS farm will be launched on for staking UNFI-BNB LP!

ACS’s UNFI-BNB farm will reward ACS and UNFI as farm rewards!

1-Week Limited Time Event

That’s not all…

The multi-chain DeFi ecosystem will enrich the Polygon network and provide added utility to MATIC

Unifi Protocol is coming to Polygon! Unifi Protocol is a group of non-custodial, interoperable, decentralized, and multi-chain smart contracts providing the building blocks for the next generation of DeFi development. uTrade V2, the upgraded version of our AMM trading platform, is already live on multiple other blockchains. Unifi will link Polygon and those multiple blockchains together into one large DeFi marketplace, governed by the community through the UNFI token.

Integrating with Polygon will enable reduced gas fees, faster transactions, and a seamless experience for Unifi users. Unifi will also benefit from the thriving ecosystem being built on Polygon, making Polygon…

Unifi acquires 6 operating nodes, converts $8.5M marketcap SEED token to UNFI and UP, and gains $1M in project acceleration funds

UNFI is the center of the Unifi ecosystem, supporting multiple products and services

Key points -

  1. Introducing — uStake ! Unifi’s blockchain staking platform.
  2. Unifi is the first DeFi protocol to create a blended ecosystem. Stakers, liquidity providers, lenders, and other platforms align behind common goals, and share a single tokenomics structure.
  3. Unifi has acquired the assets of multi-chain staking provider Sesameseed. Unifi will rebrand those nodes and operate 6 blockchain nodes. These nodes combined currently have approximately $13.1M in blockchain assets staked to them.
  4. Unifi’s nodes will feed directly into the…

UNFI holders determine Fee Structure Reviews

Key Points:

  • Each uTrade V2 pair is created with all fee parameters set to the default trading fee structure.
  • Each pair can have these parameters customized. The UNFI Super Pair, and all Preferred pairs, are examples of pairs that have a custom fee structure.
  • Unifi will periodically review fees structures to ensure uTrade is providing a competitive trading environment and liquidity provider rewards.
  • Persons or projects wishing to have a custom fee structure on their token pairing can request a fee structure evaluation through the UNFI Global Governance Model
  • Projects wishing to use uTrade…

85–10–5–0 Means Liquidity Providers and UNFI Super Pairs Win Big!

Key Points:

  • For most preferred uTrade V2 pairs, the fee structure can be generalized as 85–10–5–0.
  • About 85% of the trading fees goes to liquidity providers in that pair.
  • About 10% of the trading fees are awarded to the UNFI Super Pair on that blockchain. Only UNFI token holders have access to this massive bonus reward.
  • About 5% of trading fees are used to increase the UP redeem value on that blockchain.
  • Exactly 0% of any trading fees on the entire uTrade V2 platform go to the Unifi Team. …

Exclusive access to better rewards for UNFI? Yes please!

Key Points:

  • UNFI token holders will get exclusive access to UNFI Super Pairs.
  • UNFI Super Pairs farm UP liquidity provider rewards from the volume of the Super Pair, and a bonus percentage of all UP minted by trading fees from all pools on that blockchain.
  • UNFI will exist on all uTrade blockchains in the future
  • Until UNFI is on a uTrade V2 blockchain, the Super Pair Rewards will be collected and stored
  • Unifi Protocol will have events to allow UNFI tokens to move to uTrade V2 blockchains
  • Once there is UNFI…

There is something here for everyone! Developers, Token Creators, UNFI Holders , Liquidity Providers— come get inspired.

Key points:

  • Customizable smart contracts, customizable UP mint rates, and flexible fee structures allow outside projects to build more efficient systems with special features other AMMs do not offer!
  • All new developer-friendly smart contracts with industry standard contract calls
  • New features such as token routing provide access to larger liquidity pools, while still achieving the benefits of using Unifi
  • All new user interface

uTrade V2 — A Huge Step Forward

Unifi Protocol is designed to provide the building blocks for the next generation of DeFi development. uTrade V2, built using Protocol smart contracts, is another step in the embodiment of…

As guided by a UNFI Referendum, this migration is for liquidity providers only!

Key Points

- Participants must carefully examine this migration’s details to ensure their eligibility to participate. Ineligible participation or violating the terms and conditions described in this article will cause a loss of tokens. Potential migration participants should read and understand this entire document, all terms, conditions, and attachments before proceeding. No refunds can be, or will be, provided for any reason. This includes ineligible or incorrect participation.

- Migration#7 was created by Unifi in response to the specifications chosen by UNFI holders participating in community governance.

Unifi Protocol

Incentivizing community participation in DeFi economies across multiple blockchains | Earn $UP

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