Derivatives Market on uTrade (TRON)

Typically, liquidity providers receive liquidity tokens which represent their contribution to the liquidity pool. On uTrade, for example, these are the uL tokens such as uSEED and uUP. These tokens are often under-utilized and just sit in a wallet until the holder wishes to withdraw their liquidity. But there is actually a way to have these liquidity tokens earning more rewards for you, without having to contribute any additional trading token liquidity. This is why Unifi is introducing Derivatives Markets, so you can ‘Earn More with Unifi!’

Here’s how it works. You contribute liquidity on the uTrade platform and get back liquidity tokens. As an option, liquidity providers can decide to contribute those liquidity tokens to a Derivatives pool on uTrade and earn additional rewards from multiple platforms or multiple pairings. Otherwise, the liquidity tokens just sit in a wallet only earning rewards from one platform. Funding this Derivatives pool would return the liquidity provider a derivative liquidity token. As long as that derivative liquidity token is held, it will mine UP tokens from that derivative pairing. The best part is that the derivative liquidity token still means the holder can withdraw their current balance of initial liquidity tokens, which have also been earning rewards from the initial pairing at the same time.

In the Derivatives Market, eventually liquidity providers from other trading platforms such as JustSwap will be able to deposit their tokens into uTrade and start mining UP. More details on this will be announced at a later date.

NOTE: Since the nature of derivative tokens are more complicated than standard tokens, Unifi has listed all derivative tokens in a dedicated Derivatives Market section on uTrade. In order to access this market, you will have to acknowledge that you read and understood the Warning page before being able to trade or deposit any liquidity.

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Incentivizing community participation in DeFi economies across multiple blockchains | Earn $UP

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Unifi Protocol

Unifi Protocol

Incentivizing community participation in DeFi economies across multiple blockchains | Earn $UP

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