Unifi Protocol Launches on ICON

The Unifi Protocol will enrich the ICON ecosystem and provide added utility to its native token

  • The Protocol smart contracts are available for all developers to utilize and build upon, providing more infrastructure to the ICON developer community. Development is vital for a blockchain to thrive.
  • Increased on-chain transactions, which reinforces the health and security of the network.
  • Incentivized liquidity providers lock up an increasing amount of the circulating supply of ICX in order to mine UP, the liquidity rewards token of the Protocol.
  • uTrade users are rewarded with a trading bonus in the form of SEED, the multi-chain and daily compounding staking rewards token distributed by Sesameseed, developer of the Unifi Protocol. This attracts increased staking on ICON, consequently removing more ICX off centralized exchanges.
  • Introduces DeFi to the network, deepening the range of services available on ICON through the ICX token.



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Unifi Protocol

Incentivizing community participation in DeFi economies across multiple blockchains | Earn $UP