Unifi Protocol’s uTrade V2 Launch on Ontology Opens the Door to New Innovations in DeFi Trading

Features of uTrade V2 on Ontology — What You Need to Know

The base token in which all trading fees will be collected will be ONG. Please note that ONG will have 18 decimal places. MetaMask and ONTO will be the supported wallets at launch.

Make sure to remove all liquidity and redeem all UPontd from uTrade V1 by March 21, 2022. You will NOT be able to redeem UPontd on uTrade V2.

For now, only ONG and UPong will be immediately compatible (ORC-20) with uTradeV2 at launch. All other tokens from V1 may not be EVM-compatible and will not be recognized by V2 smart contracts. The Ontology Bridge will be the channel to transfer OEP-4 token to ORC-20 ones. For example, ONTd will eventually be supported (as wONT). For more information on the token economy of OntologyEVM — please stay up to date by following Ontology announcements. [We will attempt to keep this article as up-to-date as possible as more information is released by Ontology.]

  • Single side liquidity addition
  • User added listings
  • Token routing
  • Developer-friendly, customizable smart contracts for launching new tokens and projects.
  • Tokenized Liquidity Rewards — 100% Backed
  • Community Focus — 0% for the team, 100% for the liquidity providers



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